Here you will find a collection of articles dedicated to the interesting world of military vehicles. They are built in different shapes, which are suitable to different types of terrain like land, water or air.

The Military vehicle types explain the path military vehicles took to perfection, starting with the improvisation of civilian vehicles.

The reconnaissance vehicles are a small class of tanks, designed to carry a small amount of ammunition, to be armored properly, but keeps a lower weight so that the speed could be higher than the one of a usual tank.

The armored recovery vehicle is almost the opposite of the reconnaissance class: it is designed to carry higher weights of tools, sometimes even to have a spare engine or to lift large weights.

Armored vehicle royal engineers section explains the purpose of the vehicles designed to turn themselves into bridges, in order to facilitate the access of other tanks in the fleet to inaccessible places.

Amphibious military vehicles are designed to swim in deep and shallow waters, in order to cross rivers.

Multiple rocket launchers started with the desire to optimize and improve the launch of rockets from remote locations.

The armored trains are vehicles with predictable paths, thus very vulnerable to attacks, but on the other hands, they have protected heavily the borders of different cities or countries.

The military air force is the tool of the modern war, being used both for reconnaissance, intimidation and destruction of the enemy, or guidance for the land troops.