Multiple Rocket Launcher

The rocket artillery system can be installed on moving vehicles, in order to reach their targets from different locations. The use of rocket systems have been implemented to moving vehicles, despite the existence or formal artillery because iran-missile1of the range they could fire at, and the upgrade to multiple payload, which could improve the efficiency in destroying the target. The first rockets were not so accurate in targeting their positions, slow in the reload process, but the modern and improved rockets have a GPS system incorporated, which enables accuracy at hitting the target. A multiple rockets launch design is also the response to the slow reloading process.

The invention of the multiple rocket launchers goes back to the 15th century, in Korea, when the country was fighting against the Japanese Invasion.

This weapon type was not used in Europe until the World War II, called Soviet BM- 13 Katyusha. The Russian invention was passed to its allies, and the idea quickly appealed to the other parts implied in the war. They were simply stacked on a rack mounted on the back of a simple truck. While the basic idea is the same, only the brand of the rockets used was different from nation to nation.

Atop on the modern GPS system incorporated on each rocket, each truck carrying the payload is equipped with radars that can detect the wind direction or the presence of other rockets in the air. After a quick determination of the weather conditions, the rockets firing solution is prepared according to the current conditions and the distance it has to reach. Even after the rocket has been launched, its track can be corrected, due to the air brakes and the course correction, steered by the nose or fin thrusters. The incorporated GPS capabilities allow the rockets to reach distances from a few hundred meters to dozens of miles.