On changing the World: Why a Bachelors of Engineering might be right for you

A wise man once said “Where everyone sees a problem, an engineer sees a solution”. And he could have not been more right. A once misunderstood and unappreciated profession, engineers are behind some of the world’s most wonderful discoveries and creations, and the solutions to some of the toughest problems we’ve faced throughout history. 

Engineers a constantly challenging the status-quo, pushing boundaries. They are indispensable to building the future. Businesses and governments around the world have realized that, which is why hiring of engineers – even for non-technical positions – has grown rapidly in all major economies around the world. 

A Bachelor of Engineering will open many doors, since the profession is broad enough so that you can excel at many areas, but you can also specialize in a field that is particularly close to your heart. It also teaches transferable universal skills, that you can practice anywhere in the world, and in any industry.If solving complex, interesting problems in creative ways is something you’d like to do, a Bachelor of Engineering is definitely a good fit for you. Great engineers are well-rounded individuals that excel at critical thinking, communication, details, quantitative analysis, and math and sciences in general. But the truth is that anyone who wishes to change the world, will have the inner strength necessary to become an Engineer, and then leave their mark in history.