The Evolution of Military Vehicles Through Wartime

People who are passionate about military vehicles and all that war entailed in terms of those will be presented with a brief history of their evolution through wartime.

Starting with the first historic uses, through the Davidson-Duryea Gun carriage in 1899, which was gas powered and had either three or four wheels and a machine gun mount and continuing with the GMC Model 15 from 1915 that holds the title of the first official truck to be used in warfare, the early days of war military vehicles were knowing a slow evolution.

Following on the first two militarised vehicles, the introduction of airborne vehicles in 1909 thanks to the Wright brothers and the military gave the start to the expansion of war power in the air as well.shiny2

During the period between 1916 and 1918, more than 13000 GMC Model 16 trucks were used for warfare purposes and one of the most common use for them was as field ambulances.

With the entry into World War I, numerous vehicles were introduced as prototypes in active combat, and here the most notable machinery was the one carrying cannons and large caliber machine guns. The first tanks emerged from the factories and the airplanes were being perfected more and more, thanks to the advancements into aeronautics. One of the very first tanks to be introduced was the Renault FT-17, which was produced in France, in more than 3000 pieces.

During World War II, the increase in militarised vehicles was exponential, the emphasis being put on developing anti-air artillery carrying vehicles, since the evolution of war aircrafts was also impressive.

Coming into more recent military conflicts, such as the Vietnam War of Operation Desert Storm, the emphasis is taken on the development of the electronics and digital capabilities of the various vehicles and one good example is the Humvee, which is one of the most capable terrestrial attack vector. Other important developments were also seen in tanks, which lead to the creation of outstanding models, such as Abrams M1 in the U.S.A. or the Leopard in Germany.