The Military Air Force

The military air force is mainly composed of attack helicopters, which are the eyes in the sky for the vehicles on the ground, and which can attack the enemy on various occasionaf-jet-runways. The weapons attached to helicopters have to be light in weight, as the mobility of the air vessel is very important in achieving the purpose it has been created for. These weapons can be machine guns
, sometimes rockets or anti-tank missiles. They usually have two very well separated roles: to offer support to the troops that fight on the ground, or to destroy the enemy’s tanks. The equipage on board differs much from one mission to the other.

The World War I was the launch momentum of the attack helicopter. The mission of the first aired missions was to go on night attacks, in order to harass. It was conducted by the Soviet army against the Wehrmacht Heer.

Later, at the beginning of the World War II, the operations were perfected. Helicopters started to be equipped with bazooka rockets. After the discovery of the air assistance capabilities, multiple countries around the world started to use helicopters for transportation or protection.

The famous helicopter Bell UH- 1s and Mil Mi-8s, mainly used in the Vietnam War, and became the most produced product of its kind. Its success on the field was unfortunately not as big as intended, as they could not be protected entirely with armor, increasing their vulnerability to attacks from the ground. After 1990, the use of helicopters in the war became vital, hence the perfection of the antitank systems and on board rigging with specialized weapons.

The AH- 64 Apache was one of the most successful models used in the desert missions. They were used to not only attack the enemy, but also to direct the ground troupes to the weak points on the enemy line.